Shure UHF‐R Dual Wireless Microphone

The Shure UHF‐R Professional Diversity Wireless Microphone System reinforces Shure’s status as leaders in large‐scale touring and fixed installation wireless microphone systems.


The UHF‐R series is primarily designed for touring, stage performances, fixed installation in large clubs, theaters, houses‐of‐worship, large scale presentations and more.

In order to meet the demands of various applications, the UHF‐R series is available in a variety of configurations. This package enables two microphone transmitters to operate simultaneously and
includes the UR4D+ dual diversity receiver and two UR1 bodypack transmitters.

The UR4D+ dual diversity receiver is a durable, single space, rack‐mountable unit that is designed to receive signal from two transmitters simultaneously. The UR4D+’s diversity design aides in minimizing Radio Frequency (RF) interference and noise. Dual back lit LCDs provide access to all programmable parameters. Audio outputs include a microphone / line level switchable balanced XLR with ground lift and 1/4″ phone connectors. USB and Ethernet connections are provided for direct integration with a PC and network arrays.

The UR1 bodypack transmitter features a cast magnesium housing, protecting the transmitter from rigorous use while remaining light weight. The UR1 bodypack does not include a microphone, however the TA4‐male connection is compatible with Shure lavaliers, head‐worn microphones and instrument cables featuring a TA4‐female connection. Microphones manufactured from third party manufacturers such as Countryman are compatible as well. The transmitter is capable of 10 or 50 mA output power, enabling extended range whenever necessary. The UR1 features a backlit LCD display and is powered up to 9 hours on 2 AA alkaline batteries (low RF power).


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