QSC KLA12 Active Line Array Speaker Stytem

The QSC KLA12 active line array speaker system makes it as easy as possible for you to bring mighty sound reinforcement to big indoor and outdoor spaces.


These KLA active speakers are the answer, in applications where traditional PA powered speakers are no longer sufficient to move the necessary air and volume.

In the KLA12, QSC gives you a modular line array speaker with a “Click and Play” design. KLA12s can be coupled easily to form arcuate line arrays ‐‐ connect as many boxes as you need. With just five of these boxes, you can get complete 90‐degree vertical coverage to send sound evenly across a big audience.
QSC KLA12 speakers are ideal in situations ranging from parks, to large halls, to houses of worship.

Modular 2‐Way Powered Design
Each speaker module itself is a two‐way design setup with a 12‐inch low‐frequency transducer and a 1.75‐inch compression driver. Each KLA12 employs a super‐efficient 2 x 500‐watt power amp, which allows you to combine up to link up to five KLA12s and/or KLA181s (QSC’s complementary 18‐inch KLA subwoofer) and drive the whole array off a single 15 amp, 120 volt electrical circuit.

Easy as Possible to Assemble
The QSC KLA speakers were designed to be so easy to assemble, that you can even put an array together alone if you need to. Operators are aided in their task with the unique self‐contained SOLO Rigging System that allows you to quickly assemble and disassemble a complete rig without the need for any special tools or hardware.

Numerous Sound Control Features
The KLA12s offer you a number of other features that make them so exceptionally friendly to use. The Ar‐Q Arcuate Equalization processor onboard lets you perform line array tuning that compensates various dimensions of the tonal curve depending on the number of boxes in the array.

Select the DEEP mode (Digital Extension and Excursion Processing), and QSC’s DSP algorithm provides noticeably extended bass response, while actively protecting your speakers from damaging low‐frequency transients. You can also select a Flat mode, or set your KLA12s to run with external subwoofers.


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