QSC K12 Active Loud Speaker


  • Fill the Room with These Industry-Leading Powered PA Speakers

    Build a no-compromises sound reinforcement system with QSC’s small-yet-powerful K12 loudspeakers. Defying their compact size and weight, K12 speakers push out 131 dB peak SPL and 1,000 watts of continuous power, via a Class D bi-amped design.

  • Since QSC’s K-series speakers are self-powered, a pair of 41-pound K12s add up to a killer portable PA system for the pro mobile DJ or performer — and thanks to their under-two-foot-tall size, QSC K12s are an excellent choice for houses of worship, formal banquet halls, or any installation where speakers need to fill a room with evenly-dispersed sound without disrupting the aesthetics of the space.
  • There’s even a switch to turn off the front-panel power LEDs, when a bright blue light doesn’t match your venue. All told, K12 loudspeakers deliver the uncompromising build quality, professional looks, and consistent room coverage of QSC’s high-end KW-series boxes — all in a more compact and portable footprint.available

Typical Speaker Dispersion vs. the QSC K-Series

To understand how QSC’s K family of PA speakers disperse sound so well, consider a basic acoustic principle: higher frequencies are more directional than lower frequencies. Woofer cones naturally disperse bass frequencies over a wider area, with narrower coverage as frequency increases up to the system’s crossover point, where the tweeter takes over. This means that critical midrange frequencies — where speech, vocals, and instrumental solos “live and die” within a mix — can end up at a typical 2-way system’s point of narrowest dispersion, compromising the midrange to anyone listening from more than 25-30 degrees to one side of the speaker’s center. To counter this, the K12 employs Directivity Matched Transition (DMT), matching the high-frequency coverage angle of the tweeter to the natural coverage angle of the woofer at the crossover frequency. In plain English, DMT means that these speakers deliver even coverage of all frequencies throughout the speaker’s 75-degree pattern. In effect, DMT gives you a two-way speaker that delivers the kind of consistent midrange you might expect from a much bulkier 3-way box.

Conical Tweeter + Intrinsic Correction = Better Coverage

It’s easy to see just from looking at the face of the K12 speaker that QSC takes consistent audience coverage seriously. While typical tweeter horns are much wider than they are tall, the K12’s tweeter waveguide has a conical, symmetrical mouth approximately the same diameter as the speaker’s woofer, so it can control the pattern all the way down to the crossover frequency. It all adds up to a consistent frequency response in the critical midrange. Furthermore, the K12 is designed with Intrinsic Correction, a process developed for QSC’s high-end line array systems. QSC engineers took extensive measurements of the K12’s characteristics across a wide spatial field, averaged these measurements, and applied a series of filters to the speaker’s built-in DSP engine to adjust time, frequency and amplitude response. The result is a speaker that distributes highs, mids, and lows evenly across the speaker’s entire 75-degree pattern, with flat power response, eliminating “hot spots” in your audience.

Multiple Input Jacks: XLR, 1/4″, and RCA

Just take a look at the QSC K12’s back panel to see how versatile this speaker can be. Dual combination XLR-1/4″ jacks accept line-level or microphone-level signals controlled by individual gain knobs, while a stereo pair of RCA inputs allow you to connect a CD player, MP3 player, or any device with RCA outs. In fact, you can connect up to three sources directly to the K12, mixing and summing them within the speaker. You’ll find individual line-out jacks for channels A and B, ideal for daisy-chaining a pair of K12 boxes as stage monitors or in a cluster. Plus, there’s a post-gain mono-summed line out that’s ideal for connecting to an external subwoofer such as QSC’s KSub. Last but not least, QSC has included their ingenious locking power cable with the K12. The V-LOCK power cord latches with a click, preventing these powered speakers from being unintentionally unplugged — and just in case your K12’s cables go missing, standard IEC power cables fit equally well.


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