The LX-118A makes use of the 18LXN neodymium loudspeaker equipped with a 4″ voice coil. Improved voice-coil materials, magnet circuit and surround design provide high power handling, low power compression and low distortion. The LX-118A offers a frequency range of 33 Hz – 120 Hz yielding a maximum peak SPL of 135 dB.



The system incorporates a 1200 Wcontinuous, universal mains, Class D switching amplifier. Remote monitoring and control is provided by way of DASnet™, the audio management application for D.A.S. powered cabinets and processors. A family of Low Pass filters can be selected using  DASnetTM or the controls on the amplifier´s rear panel. For each selection a cardioid preset is also available.

The enclosure is constructed using Birch plywood and makes use of extensive bracing to  eliminate resonances. The woodwork is finished with the robust D.A.S. ISO-flex protective coating for durability. The captive rigging hardware allows the Aero 20A to be flown directly below the subwoofer unit without the need for adaptors. Front located connectors (power, audio and DASnetTM) allow easy installation when using cardioid configurations.


– Arrayable powered subwoofer system
– 2400Wpeak Class D amplifier with universal mains
– Remote Monitoring and Control via DASnet™
– DASnet™ cardioid preset selection
– DASnet™ Low Pass filter selection
– Captive ultra fast rigging hardware
– Compatible with aero 20A




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