Analog Way Pulse2-3G

Analog Way Pulse2

The Analog Way Pulse2-3G (Midra) is a hi-resolution mixer seamless switcher with 8 inputs and Native Matrix mode.


Pulse2 at a glance:

New Midra platform
New Remote Control Software: RCS2 (Windows, Mac & Linux)
Very fast processing and switching
Low frame delay
2 operating modes: Mixer and Native Matrix modes
Up to 2 layers on Frame Background
Full audio digital compliant on DVI-D & HDMI Plugs
Advanced Audio Management with the RCS2
Audio fast Routing mode
Quick Frame mode
Direct Swap function
Direct Split function
New EDID management on 6 inputs
Ability to read and display the output EDIDs
New Deinterlacing processing
Custom output formats
New Freeze features (Input/layer/screen)
Ability to modify the Program in real time without using the Preview
New Dynamic Fit
Capability to switch between any input plugs (14 plugs available)
New 3D filter for SDTV composite sources
Outputs fully resizable
Video output (CVBS, YPbPr, 3G-SDI)


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