PowerFLEX Cable Assemblies

PowerFLEX Cable Assemblies

EverGrip® 7 Pin Socapex Compatible Molded Motor Control Cable Extensions with 16 AWG 7
conductor cable



Features & Benefits

  • Male and female interiors are encapsulated in thermoplastic material to prevent spinning and eliminate unmateable or mismatched connections
  • Proprietary connector construction prevents pins and contacts from pushing back into housing, extending cable assembly life
  • Proprietary connector construction encapsulates conductors to prevent short circuits due to stray conductors
  • EverGrip process bonds the cable to the connector to provide superior strain relief and maintain secure connections
  • Oil resistant thermoplastic elastomer overmold absorbs impact, protects internal conductors and provides an insulated gripping surface
  • Locking ring is overmolded for impact resistance and a firm gripping surface when mating and unmating connectors
  • Molded strain relief extends cable life
  • Supportive wire mesh bus drop cable grip prevents stress on cable
  • Alignment arrows allow easy mating and unmating
  • Compatible with Socapex 7 pin motor control connectors


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