Mackie K8 Loud Speaker


Super-Powerful. Super-Portable.

The Mackie SRM450v2 2-Way active PA speaker is a powerful and super-portable powered speaker from a company that always delivers great live sound reinforcement. The SRM450v2 was designed to go as far as possible with accurate sound reproduction in live settings, delivering a clarity and dynamic response that is normally only found in studio monitors. When absolutely excellent live sound is a must, the SRM450v2 speaker will serve well as a versatile front-of-house main, or as a personal monitor for musicians onstage.

400 Awesome Watts of Sound

The Mackie SRM450v2 is a true bi-amp design, delivering 400 watts of total output, with 300 watts in the woofer and 100 watts in the tweeter. Featuring new powerful Class D Fast Recovery amplifiers, the SRM450v2s are ultra-efficient in their power usage, minimizing heat even at max output. It also means that they are built to last longer than most powered speakers — maybe even longer than you will!

Speaker Design That Keeps Getting Better

The SRM v2 speakers in each SRM450v2 reflect some radical new design updates to the acclaimed SRM Series speakers that Mackie has been using for some time. The transducers themselves are also of a totally new design, with a 12-inch neodymium woofer sporting a 3-inch voice coil. The high-frequency tweeter is a heat-treated titanium compression driver that delivers startlingly accurate mids and highs.

Features for Excellent Sound and Dynamic Control

Each SRM450v2 has a single balanced XLR input and output. A Timed Turnoff switch allows the speakers to conserve power when there is no input signal. A Contour and Low Cut switch allows you to pad your sound as needed, along with a 40 dB Gain/Cut knob.

The SRM450v2 also utilizes Mackie’s tried-and-true active amplifier design, so you can get a great sound without fussy knob tweaking. The active electronics on board function almost like a live sound engineer, monitoring every frequency with smooth zero-latency response, allowing you to plug and play effortlessly.

If you’re using these in a live setting, chances are that you’re going to be pushing these loudspeakers hard — perhaps harder than you should! No fear, though: the SRM450v2 employs an well-calibrated limiter to eliminate distortion at peak levels. There’s also an automatic sliding high-pass filter that gives you a little bit of extra power in the mids and lows when you need it.

More Portable Than Ever!

The SRM450v2s work in any position or situation. The speaker’s interated pole mount cups and built-in M10 mounting points make it easy to put your SRM450v2 in the air, while its angled back corner makes it simple to set up as a monitor wedge. Weighing in at about 40 pounds, the v2 is about 11 pounds lighter than the original SRM450. The high-impact polypropylene cabinet also makes these powered loudspeakers about as a durable as they come.


– 400W of ultra-efficient Class D Fast Recovery amplification
– 12-inch high-precision woofer
– 1.75-inch compression driver
– Precision 2-way crossover
– Active onboard electronics for automatic EQ and level monitoring and adjustment
– 1 x XLR/TRS input
– 1 x XLR output
– LEDs for Present, Peak, Power ON, and Thermal monitoring
– Tough, impact-resistant polypropylene enclosure
– Integrated M10 mounting points
– Pole-mountable and floor wedge-able


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